So Michele Bachmann kept her campaign promise about not voting to raise the debt ceiling. She voted against everything, however Tea Partyish — including Cut, Cap and Balance — that would have raised it one farthing's worth. And now, in a spectacularly brazen dismemberment of factual truth, she's blaming S&P's decision to downgrade U.S. debt on the fact that the debt ceiling was raised at all.

Nevermind that all of the federal government's trouble with credit ratings agencies was sparked by Washington's inability to raise the debt ceiling in a timely manner, giving way to embarrassing political infighting on a global stage. After that, S&P started making numerical demands, like assholes. But according to Michele Bachmann, S&P didn't even want the government to raise the debt ceiling! Via Dave Weigel, who's been following her around in Iowa:

"For the last two weeks, I led the fight against raising the debt limit," Bachmann said. Increasing the limit "pushed the rating agency over the edge." It was a "$2.4 trillion blank check that caused the downgrade."

In the off-chance that any Michele Bachmann supporters are reading this, we've got to break it to you: If Michele Bachmann becomes president, she will raise the debt ceiling. She will break this promise not to ever raise it. She will do it. It will happen. Multiple times, probably. Michele Bachmann will sign a bill raising the debt ceiling, as president. That is a 100% guarantee. Carry on!

[Image via AP]