The release date for the second movie has been announced and it is a long time from now. Also today: the end of Desperate Housewives, two Southerners finally get together, and it's goodbye to the gay on Gossip Girl.

  • The odds were definitely not in our favor! Or something. Basically we have some bad Hungah Games news. The second movie in the franchise, Catching Fire, won't be out until November 2013. So, like, over two years! The first movie is coming out next March and even that feels like too long. But November 2013?? Good grief, I'll be 30 years old! I can't go see a Hunger Games movie when I'm 30. That's just not allowed I don't think! So basically I don't know what the hell I'm going to do. I guess just wait 'til it's on Pay Per View and watch it all sad and alone in whatever lean-to I'm living in at the time. That or say fuck it, if I saw High School Musical 3 in the theater when I was 25, I can do Catching Fire at 30. At least it's not Twilight at 40! At least it's not that. But still, the point is that's a long way away and everyone's going to look older and I don't want to wait so long!! Harumph. [LAT]
  • The South is rising again! Somehow, the South's most popular actors, Texas's Matthew McConaughey and Tennessee's Reese Witherspoon, have never been in a movie together. Outrageous. Well now that is being fixed by a new film that they've both just been cast in. No, it's not some romantic comedy called Over the Line (as in Mason/Dixon). It's a drama called Mud in which McConaughey plays a fugitive. The guy who did that paranoid Sundance drama with Michael Shannon, Take Shelter, wrote and will direct the movie. So not exactly the Georgia On My Mind project you'd expect, but a uniting of two noble Southern families nonetheless. [THR]
  • A sad day for Gossip Girl. Both Nate and Dan will be heartbroken to learn that their beloved boi-toy Erik will not be back this coming season. The actor, Connor Paolo, is on a new show and he's decided he's done with the Upper East Side. !!! What's the point of even watching then, if we can longer scan the background of every scene hoping to catch a glimpse of fair young Erik wooing a valet or milk boy? I wonder if this means that the show will add a new gay character, just to fill out the quota. They really should just make Nate gay. C'mon, just do it. Give Chace Crawford something to do. Give all of us something to do. [EW]
  • Russell Crowe will play a wicked mayor who ensnares Mark Wahlberg in a tricksy conspiracy plot in the new thriller Broken City. I imagine the conspiracy involves either a cover-up after a phone-throwing incident results in someone's death, or he's been using government money to pay for lots of sandwiches. You never know with Russell Crowe. He's either throwing a phone at you or eating a sandwich. He could go either way! [Deadline]
  • Everyone was surprised to find out recently that gay Republican Marc Cherry has decided to end his candy colored ladysoap Desperate Housewives after its next season. The show will return to the original Mary Alice mystery and then that will be that. No more Bree and the other one and the blonde lady. And, most importantly, no more of this. Oh well! I guess Teri Hatcher will have to go back to being a has-been. A good run for everyone! But now, no more. Will you miss it? I'm sure going to miss Doug Savant and the other husband and I don't know there was a gardener, right? And someone got murdered? And Alfre Woodard locked someone in a basement? I'm not sure. It's over now, though. So I guess I'll never know. Though I will know about this, always. [EW]