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Did Fox News host a momentary feminist triumph today? Why, yes, I think it did. Megyn Kelly invited blowhard radio host Mike Gallagher on her show, and played back audio from the time he scoffed, "Megyn's still on maternity leave, isn't she? Boy, what a racket that is." Select excerpts from the verbal pillaging:

MK: What a moronic thing to say.
MG: Well, I mean, let's— Are you going to disagree that's there a diff—
MK: Oh, you're standing by? Are you doubling down? No, no, no, no, no, are you not taking those remarks back? Is maternity leave, according to you, a racket?
MG: Well, do men get maternity leaves?
MK: Guess what honey? Yes, they do. It's called Family Medical Leave Act. If men would like to take three months off to take care of their newborn baby, they can.
MG: OK. Let me give you an explanation. I was drinking that day.
MK: Now you're more along the path I expected.

MK: Just in case you didn't know, Mike, I want you to know that the United States is the only country in the advanced world that doesn't require paid maternity leave. Now I happen to work for a nice employer that gave me paid leave. But the United States is the only advanced country that doesn't require paid leave. If anything, the United States is in the dark ages when it comes to maternity leave. And what is it about carrying a baby for nine months, that you don't think deserves a few months off so bonding and recovery can take place, hmm?
MG: I have a— I even think a— People on your staff— [bullshit about trying to call Megyn on the phone or something]
MK: You can't answer the question because there is no answer, my friend.

So close to redeeming herself after that whole "Did this lady beaten into a coma deserve it?" thing! And yet, still so far away. [Media Matters]