Congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate/shoo-in Michele Bachmann's made the cover of the latest Cosmo Newsweek—an honor that comes with a new if not entirely original nickname ("the Queen of Rage") and complimentary #QueenOfRage Twitter hashtag. Too bad the photographer startled her like that, eh?

Ha ha, just kidding—they don't call her CrazyEyes for nothing. Looking like she's intercepting constitutions from other galaxies is her default setting. But seriously, what specific message do you think she's trying to communicate with that gaze? Choose from the following options, ordered by likelihood from least- to most-:

  • Oh hello! I didn't notice you guys standing there, snapping away!
  • I wish I could jump right out of this magazine and bite you on the nose!
  • Look into my eyes. Look closer. Look closer. See the coded messages I've embedded in my irises. Read them carefully. Do exactly what they command.
  • Wow! Wow wow wow!
  • I am filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • I am filled with rage.

[Image via Newsweek]