Back in 1979, long before all teenage pranks became felonies, a red-haired Los Angeles high schooler and three of his friends formed a dedicated group of surreptitious home toilet-paperers. Thirty-two years later, this group still exists! And now an ex-member's trying to make a documentary about it.

Filmmaker Whit Scott belonged to the group in the late 1990s and served as its historian—filming and photographing their messy house hits for posterity's sake. When he graduated from high school and went off to college, he recruited another young ruffian to take his place—a group tradition that was somewhat necessary, as every member had a specific job to fulfill. Over the years Scott kept thinking about combining his footage with that of his predecessors and successors. Now he's trying to do just that, and has set up a Kickstarter campaign to both publicize the project—titled Rolled: 32 Years of Toilet Papered Houses—and raise funds.

Though we don't endorse toilet-papering people's houses for environmental reasons, we do appreciate how long this group's been able to keep its thing going, and are curious about the scope of their notoriety. Has your LA home ever been papered by this group? Have you ever toilet-papered a house yourself? And how long do you think it will take before LAPD arrests the current members of this "cell" for homeland security reasons? Place all your anecdotes, confessions, and guesses in the comments section.