Warning: The above video is a graphic squid snuff film. It made me scream out loud.

A video of a squid coming back to life in a bowl of food recently went viral. (Below.) Apparently the salt in soy sauce can activate a freshly killed squid's nerves and muscles, thereby making it "dance" and "occupy my nightmares forever."

But while researching the phenomenon, I discovered an even scarier variation: An undead squid that comes back to life three times in the course of a meal. (Above.) First, the chef cuts the live squid apart and rips out its interior; as he flays the top half of the squid, the bottom half writhes and gasps for life. Later, the squid is perched atop a bed of food on a diner's plate; the diner pours soy sauce, and the squid seizes up to such a degree that it actually leaps out of the bowl and onto the table. (That's when I screamed.) Finally, after the eater has sliced the squid into bite-sized pieces, he does the soy sauce trick again, and the tentacles wriggle like bloated maggots.

I will never eat calamari again.