What is New Hampshire like? Not many people know! This is what it's like: If a thief steals your wallet, he will return it, with more money inside, along with an apology note signed "Stupid."

We know this to be true because it happened to a woman in Plaistow, N.H., whose purse was stolen from her shopping cart at the local Market Basket. Inside were the woman's wallet and car GPS. Not that she missed them for long!

Police said that when an image from the surveillance video was released to the media, the victim got a knock at her door. Investigators said a man was standing at her door with the victim's GPS, a new cord for the device, the $90 in cash that was stolen, plus an extra $10.

Police said he also gave the woman a note before he ran away. The note said, among other things, that he didn't stalk or follow the woman and didn't go to the store with the intent of committing a crime.

Police, who belive he was "motivated to return the items out of fear of arrest, rather than legitimate remorse," are continuing to hunt for "stupid," the author of letter, because apparently "being sorry a million times over" does not earn you a get-out-of-jail-free card. Ha! (Actually, this is kind of awful, isn't it? "I have some problems I need to fix before I lose everything"? I'm on this dude's side! Oh, well. Best of luck to the poor guy.)