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The human buoys over at Fox News' morning brain drain Fox & Friends were doing a little of this earlier today and discussing an educational video shown to kids by the Department of Education in which beloved character SpongeBob Squarepants learns about human-made global warming.

That's right, as in "humanity's collective carbon dioxide fart is hastening the destruction of the planet," a widely accepted scientific theory that certain conservatives take umbrage with because A) That means no more big vroom vrooms with enormous flatbeds even though I live in the suburbs and don't haul anything except my oafish kids to and from their school's Meat Lovers' Club meetings and B) God gave us Earth for us to enjoy to its fullest, so there's no way we could ruin it, Biblically speaking. These sentiments of course trickle down to the Fox & Friends gang and they spit it back at the cameras so other people can soak it up again and the whole cycle is repeated, on and on forever.

In this particular clip, Gretchen Carlson, a jumble of sawdust held together by sweat and Vaseline, does her whole "In'that funny?" routine while Steve Doocy, the answer to the question "Who smelt it?", plays concerned question-asker and some angry-eyed young guest moans about our public schools and the definition of facts and whatnot.

While they were doing this, all the polar bears died. [Media Matters via Huff Po]