Hats off to Sunland Park, New Mexico Mayor Martin Resendiz, for making the useless invalids in Washington look vaguely — vaguely — competent in comparison! Because it turns out that Mayor Resendiz only signed those nine contracts with the company that is now suing his city for seven figures because he was really, really drunk.

The California architectural firm Synthesis+ is suing Sunland Park for $1 million it claims it is owed for work performed under those contracts. The city, however, is saying that the contracts were invalid because the city council never approved them. Shouldn't there be a known political process for validating contracts? Yes! But that all goes out the window when your mayor is a drunk moron.

The Albuquerque Journal reports:

"The day I signed … I had way too much to drink. It was after 5 p.m. and I signed it (the contracts) and I didn't know what I was signing," Resendiz wrote in response to questions from lawyers for the architectural design firm Synthesis+. "My sister had to pick me up." [...]

Resendiz said during a deposition that he had been drinking with company executives at a local restaurant and that he didn't read the documents, ask for copies or for time to study them.

"Like I said, I was, we were all, pretty intoxicated at that point," Resendiz said.

The article mentions that Resendiz has been considering a run for Congress. Hey Mayor! My company will make campaign signs for you! Just sign this contract quickly; we promise it doesn't charge $100 billion in fees or anything.

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