Regardless of whether he's guilty of allegedly raping a hotel maid, Dominique Strauss-Kahn should probably be kept away from all women, forever. His conduct was so ridiculous that Air France reportedly ordered an all-male flight crew to wait on DSK.

DSK had apparently been treating female crew members like Vegas showgirls for a while. Lawyers for DSK's alleged victim, Nafissatou Diallo, said they've received two anonymous complaints from Air France attendants about his lasciviousness. And DSK supposedly yelled "What a nice ass!" at an Air France attendant "just moments before" he was hauled off his flight for the rape accusation. (Wow.)

But ordering an all-male crew to serve him seems a strange way to deal with this situation. If Air France truly believes he cannot be around women without harassing them, they should just put him down in the heated cargo hold with the dogs. Er, on second thought, maybe strap him on top of the plane. If he slaps a passing goose on the ass, so be it.

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