Here's a trailer for The Darkest Hour, a Russia-set thriller about an alien invasion. Ho hum, more aliens, right? Wrong! These are a different kind of alien, in that we can't see them.

Chris Gorak, who made the paranoid biological attack thriller Right At Your Door, directs this tale about some American youngsters (Emile Hirsch amongst them) who get swept up in a creepy alien attack while hanging out in Moscow. This different breed of alien is hungry for light and is invisible, but can vaporize any living thing in their path with the mere flick of their non-wrist. Or something. The point is, they want to eat electricity and we have electricity, so they're coming for us.

This is either an ingenious way to save money on special effects or it's an interesting bit of theorizing on the idea that our concept of corporeal extraterrestrials, at least as far as we define corporeal, may be totally wrong. Who knows what wacky kind of molecules or whatever they've got out there in the far reaches of the space void? Could be aliens are just a jumble of ideas or sound waves or light particles. Could be aliens are just wind! Whatever they are, though, we can be assured that they are dangerous. That's the big takeaway from most alien movies: If there are scary foreigners out there, even scarier than Mexicans and Muslims and whatnot, they aim to destroy our way of life, just like those earthbound menaces. Fear the other! Kill it always! That kind of thing.