Food snobs themselves may ultimately provide some trickle-down benefits to the public at large—for example, you can buy "chipotle" flavored Tostitos now. But child foodies provide nothing of benefit to anyone. Just heartache and misery, to all of us. So restaurants: please do not encourage them.

The WSJ says that restaurants (probably weary of the glowering and ever-present parental mafia) are now catering to young children who are, contrary to everything we hold as logical and upstanding, food snobs. These are babies, really. (The kids, the parents, and the restauranteurs.) And how do you cater to baby foodies? By just putting all that shit in the blender.

"One of the managers used to see the mothers ordering regular food and processing the food to feed their babies," he says. Now the restaurant prepares organic dishes including a tenderloin beef purée with zucchini, carrot and bay leaf, and a dessert of banana and dulce de leche purée. Dishes made from scratch, without additives like salt, typically take 35 minutes to prepare, he says.

Wouldn't that baby be just as happy with a puree of raisins, orange juice, and Cheetos? Or pudding, apple juice, and sugar? Probably, but a better solution would be for you just to leave.

[WSJ. Photo: Flickr]