What's worse than going to a rave? Watching a rave in a movie theater, that's what. But even if you felt like spending your Thursday evening in a theater watching people on drugs dance around, it's no longer an option for many. The repercussions from last week's riot in Los Angeles that shut down the premiere of the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience are being felt across the country now, after theaters cancelled more than 500 one-night-only screenings of the film.

La Figa calls the mass cancellation "a ridiculous overreaction" on the part of theaters. The film's director told the blog this is a "get off my lawn" moment. Fair enough. It is stupid to cancel nationwide screenings over a riot in Los Angeles, but maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Do you really want to pay money to watch human billboard Will.I.Am peddle Dell computers or whatever shit he's currently peddling to a captive audience? Hopefully not. But if that's your thing (not judging), grab your designated driver, pack plenty of fluids and head to one of these locations.