Don't fret, Sarah Palin! Stay home in Arizona or Alaska, wherever you summer. Because President Obama has decided to do the Midwestern second leg of your bus tour for you. That's right: Obama will ride around on a bus, too, as part of the great White House "pivot" to a focus on jobs, which no longer exist.

From The Hill:

President Obama is planning a bus tour through the Midwest this summer in a trip intended to shore up political support in battleground states.

The president will embark on the bus tour, a rare mode of travel for a sitting president, later this month, a White House official said Wednesday. The tour will be run by the White House, not Obama's reelection campaign.

This seems like a good idea. What else would he do in August from his stately perch back east? We already have enough people here doing the necessary work of freaking out about Muslims.

[Image via AP]