West Reading, Pennsylvania police Sgt. Matthew Beighley has a thing for Tasers. Not long after becoming a certified Taser expert, Beighley zapped two fellow officers in March. He also Tasered his dad, and recorded it on his Blackberry. Here's how police investigators say the incident happened, from the Reading Eagle:

Beighley shot his father, James Beighley, with a Taser he had taken home against department rules. Beighley, who is married with two children, was living at his father's house in Topton between July and October 2010.

Beighley was on the phone with his brother, Daniel Beighley of California, when he heard his father coming up the steps. He hung up the phone and shot his father with the stun gun as his father opened the bedroom door.

Matt Beighley said he videotaped the act with his Blackberry and emailed a copy to his brother, then posted it to YouTube.

Honestly that just sounds like a frat boy with a Taser, which isn't surprising since many cops are basically just armed frat boys. Criminal charges for this seem a little bit harsh, too. Good luck with the "three counts each of illegal use of a stun gun," Sergeant Beighley.

[Reading Eagle; image via Getty]