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CNN anchor John King's show John King U.S.A. is usually very boring. But not tonight! No, tonight a homeless guy jumped the White House fence right behind where King was shooting. Take that, MSNBC!

James Dirk Crudup, 41, did not get very far; after being ordered to lie down at gunpoint he was detained and charged with unlawful entry. A backpack he was carrying apparently caused some kind of response in the bomb-sniffing dogs, though it doesn't appear that there was an explosive inside. Crudup's also been charged with contempt of court "because he previously had been ordered to stay away from the White House due to past incidents," so it seems more likely that this is a need-to-tell-Obama-about-the-Reptoids fence-jumping and not a how-could-you-put-social-security-on-the-table fence-jumping.

More importantly, we've discovered a way to save John King's show: Hire people to commit crimes against public officials, on camera.