Admitted Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has a bunch of demands. Some are pretty easy: Cigarettes! Clothes! Norway has plenty of those things. Some are a little more difficult: Command of the Norwegian army! "The complete overthrow of the Norwegian and European societies"!

We don't have any word yet on whether or not the Norwegian government will acquiesce to that second set of demands, but we're going to guess... probably not. He's also, according to his lawyer, asked to be examined by Japanese doctors, because they "understand the idea and values of honor."

Geir Lippestad, his attorney, has been making Breivik's demands public in an attempt to show—essentially—how nuts he is:

The demands are "unrealistic — far, far from the real world and shows he doesn't know how society works," Lippestad said. "They are completely impossible to fulfill."

I'd think murdering 96 people shows pretty well that the guy doesn't know how society works, because, like, here's how society works: Don't kill other people!

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