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As we noted earlier, it really does seem that we're settling into an annual political routine here where Congress goes into its August recess and everyone starts freaking out about Muslims.

There's even an air of exasperation in this clip from today's episode of Fox News' illiterate dementia variety hour, Fox & Friends, as though the hosts know they're just going through the motions to which they're historically bound. President Obama has issued a proclamation celebrating Ramadan, idiot host Steve Doocy tells us, with a quarter-smile. Interesting. We all know where this is going, why even bother finishing the report?

Because Doocy has no free will. He has to say it: Obama issued a proclamation for Ramadan, but forgot to issue one for Easter this year. He is a hypocrite. What is wrong with him. He favors the Muslims, over the Christians. He is a hypocrite, or maybe has a double standard depending on the religion. Perhaps he will issue an Easter proclamation next year. It will be an election year. It would be foolish to forget again, because of the election. Barack Obama is terrible. Here is the next segment of our program.