The police in Idaho Falls have asked 34-year-old William Falkingham to stop wearing his bunny suit in public after getting complaints that he was scaring children. What about this guy's First Amendment rights?

Apparently Falkingham wears his bunny suit, sometimes with a tutu, around his neighborhood and it scares the little children. You'd think they would be into a giant bunny on the sidewalk, but apparently Falkingham makes a gun with his thumb and forefinger and shoots at the children. But does he do it in a "I'm gonna get you little kid" sort of way, or is it more like "I'm having fun and not talking like a theme park mascot." It's not necessarily menacing. But even if it is, it's still kind of awesome. It's like one of those wacky sitcoms where all the kids in the hood are scared of the weird neighbor in the bunny suit who skulks around trees and silently terrorizes them.

Anyway, Falkingham agreed to stop wearing the outfit around town since it's causing problems. But that's exactly the wrong move. I think he should call the ACLU and sue the pants off the police. If we could enforce what people are allowed to wear in public, I would have urged my congressman to pass a bill against Ed Hardy a long, long time ago!