If you follow the very latest news on race in America, you'll know that the current state of race in America is: still good to be white. A new study (for the 87465th study in a row) confirms this!

See, white people choose neighborhoods like this: "Oh, I am relatively successful and affluent and white, therefore I will live in a nice affluent neighborhood with good schools and similarly affluent neighbors, away from all the poors."

But black and Latino people choose neighborhoods like this: "I live in a poor minority neighborhood no matter what."

A new analysis of census data shows that even financially successful minorities tend to live in much poorer neighborhoods than their white counterparts: "The average affluent black and Hispanic household - defined in the study as earning more than $75,000 a year - lives in a poorer neighborhood than the average lower-income non-Hispanic white household that makes less than $40,000 a year." (The only cities in America where high income blacks and Latinos live in slightly better neighborhoods are Atlanta and DC—bizarre, Twilight Zone-like communities in which nonwhite people are not only allowed to make money, but also to cluster together in groups.)

I guess this is old news. You can't escape the ghetto. Hell no. It's everywhere you go.

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