The whole "people living in urban areas but raising chickens for some fucking reason" trend has been going on for years. Gawker was making fun of that back in 2007. But here is where it gets interesting, Trend Science majors: the Son of The Urban Chicken Trend! Urban chicken coop tours. For when you're really into looking at chickens for some reason, but still sane enough not to erect a chicken coop on your own property. The WSJ reports:

Mad City Chickens, a group of chicken enthusiasts in Madison, Wis., held its first tour in 2005, after the city started allowing each household to keep up to four chickens. "Underground chickens are able now to be viewed legally," said Alicia Rheal, a 47-year-old artist and co-founder of Mad City Chickens, who has four on her property, including a black-and-white one named Othello.

Yo eggs cost like two dollars at the bodega. Just saying.

[WSJ. Photo: Steven Johnson/ Flickr]