In the beginning, humans had to physically rouse themselves from their couches to change the channel on the TV. Then, there were remotes. Now, our laziness has evolved to the point where we just stare at our phones.

According to a new survey by Nielsen, 74% of people who use video apps on their smart phone do so while in their own home. These people can't be bothered to get up and walk to the room where a dedicated video-watching device (TV) has usually been placed, instead lying supine in their beds, absorbing video through their tiny phone screens so as not to upset the platter of Wendy's chicken nuggets and vitamin water laid out on their comforter. Which is good: Do you know how many injuries occur each year due to people being forced to make the dangerous trek to their televisions?

Not long now before we have contact lenses with apps embedded into them, so you won't even have to move your hands to suck on the sweet teat of video entertainment.

[Image via Loudest Noise/Flickr]