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Here's a trailer for Like Crazy, the Sundance Grand Jury winner that bowled over critics with its bittersweet tale of young love. Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones play college seniors who meet, fall for each other, and then are torn apart by time and place.

Maybe it's the Ingrid Michaelson cover of "Fools Rush In," maybe it's the dreamy and wandering cinematography, but guys I'm already crying and I haven't even seen this stupid movie! I guess it seems to depict the pretty-people romance that all college students wanted and didn't have (or did, but screw you, pretty people), so seeing it so attractively put on screen with sad, tumbling piano music and voiceover really does this old-timer over. It seems this movie will be like (500) Days of Summer, except without the enormous chalkboard wall and other dopey things. Or it could be this generation's Love Story! I don't know. I can't really write anything more about this. Don't see this alone, all you lonely boneses out there.

Anyway, brb, going to go join OK Cupid.