In your oppressive Monday media column: the Oprah to HuffPo career path, The New Yorker is digitally famous, the 48-hour magazine returns, PBS expands to England, and Peter Lauria goes to Reuters.

  • Christina Norman (pictured) was canned as head of Oprah Winfrey's cable network after a disappointing tenure. But now Norman's been hired at AOL, to head HuffPo's new women's site, as well as AOL's BlackVoices. Instant redemption! I guess it's true what they say: If you're persistent in this business everything will work out for you, assuming you're one of a minute handful of ridiculously lucky networkers able to successfully ingratiate yourself with the even smaller handful of people who can actually hand out good jobs. (And you're not.)
  • The New Yorker's iPad app is quite successful. That may be because The New Yorker is a good magazine, and many of its readers have iPads. Isn't the confluence of media and technology absolutely fascinating?
  • Over the weekend, a bunch of volunteers wrote, edited, and produced the second edition of Longshot Magazine. The whole idea is so goddamn inspirational! You can read it all here.
  • PBS, the most British of all channels available to Americans without premium cable subscriptions, is now launching a channel in Britain. How utterly unnecessary.
  • Veteran media/ business/ entertainment reporter Peter Lauria, formerly of the NY Post and The Daily Beast, is going to Reuters as the new media and tech editor. Reuters! Maybe they should jazz up their colors or something? So many good people, such boring logos!

[Photo: Getty]