Who and what should liberal Democrats be happy about with this debt ceiling deal that may or may not pass, say, today?

Not the $2.5 trillion in spending cuts with no guaranteed revenue raisers. Not President Obama, the focal point of whose reelection campaign is to provoke liberal anger at all times. Not the Tea Party, obviously. They take hostages! Not the horribly extortive and dangerous precedents that have been put in place over the last few months. Not the death of Keynesian economics. Not our failed "one party says this, the other party says that" media experiment that treats crazy people like human beings.

Really, Democrats can only be happy with the fact that one of their own, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, called this deal a "sugar-coated Satan sandwich" on television and Twitter, because it's a funny phrase that will make for some good Internet jokes for a while, the end.