A New Jersey Transit bus driver died in his vehicle on Thursday and it idled at Port Authority in New York City for five hours—five!—before anyone even noticed. That's one hell of a eulogy.

Thomas Truex dropped off commuters at 10:30am at Manhattan's bustling bus station and hustler pickup joint and then pulled his rig into a spot where drivers often let their buses idle while they take a break. He died of natural (though undetermined) causes in a passenger seat of the bus. Then he just sat there, and sat there, and sat there. No one even noticed he was missing until 3pm, when the Port Authority called NJ Transit to say the bus was parked "in a bad place." That's when the noticed that Truex hadn't been working for five hours!

Five hours! Most people can't take a prolonged bathroom break without their supervisor breathing down their necks and this guy was literally dead on the job for five hours and no one noticed. Just another death of quiet desperation.

[Image of a bus without a dead person via Shutterstock]