The 18-year-old arrested on Scotland's remote Shetland Islands for allegedly wreaking online havoc as the wisecracking spokesman for the hacking group Lulz Security was bailed out today. Jake Davis aka "Topiary" (we think!) emerged with his eyes well-shielded from the international spotlight.

Davis faces five charges, including conspiracy to overload the website of Britain's Serious Organized Crime Agency with traffic. According to Forbes, police found a Dell laptop in Davis' home containing a folder with "user details and passwords of 750,000 random members of the public." Police also believe he penned the fake article announcing Rupert Murdoch's untimely death from Lulz Security's hack of Murdoch's News International papers. At least he's got a good sense of humor.

Davis isn't going to win any points for breaking hacker stereotypes. The Daily Mail reports that he's an autistic recluse like the other LulzSec associate, Ryan Cleary, who was arrested in England last month. Sophos says he's a big online chess fan, and he emerged from court today carrying a book called Free Radicals: the Secret Anarchy of Science. Come on, can't just one international hacking mastermind be a black female bodybuilder?

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