Venezuelan leader and Leo Hugo Chavez has been trying to beat The Cancer for a while now, which has led some people to question his ability to run for reelection next year. This exercise propaganda vid should quash their pessimism right quick.

Dressed in comfy-looking fitness gear, Chavez flaps his arms, moves his head up and down, and demonstrates his walking abilities, all to suggest that he is recuperating and ready to govern his nation—not just over the Twitter, but in real life as well. Joining him are members of his cabinet, who also appear healthy and fit.

If you've been looking for a video that will help you get back on your exercise routine, this is probably the best option on the market right now. It's quick, easy, and free! Just do it about 100 times in succession, and you might either burn 50 calories or gain the skills necessary to serve as a cabinet member in Chavez's government.

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