As if you needed additional proof that today's youth have no knack for having fun, two 18-year-old UK men have just been busted for essentially failing to appreciate the scantily-clad women who appear in their nation's deodorant and movie ads.

Now when I was their age, all the 18-year-old boys who weren't into boys themselves or, you know, mind-tainted by feminism, drooled over pictures of scantily clad women. What gives? Well, the men in this case, Mohammed Hasnath and Muhammed Tahir, are Muslims who harbor some pretty conservative religious views. To help fellow Muslim men avoid committing the sin of looking at an uncovered woman, they spent part of February 26, 2011 walking around London's East End and painting burkas on women appearing in ads for Lynx deodorant (slogan: "it's a deBROdorant") and a Nicolas Cage movie. One of the Lynx ads featured model Kelly Brook wearing heart-shaped angel wings and platform heels (an example of false advertising, as angels only wear sensible shoes).

Someone spotted Hasnath and Tahir and called the police, who found the boys with paintbrushes in hand—and paint all over their clothes—and arrested them. Both have pleaded guilty to six counts of criminal damage, and had to pay a fine. A third man, 24-year-old Abdul Hakim Langaigne, was also charged with six counts of criminal damage but failed to appear in court, so there's a warrant for his arrest now.

Hasnath told the court that he and Tahir "were just trying to do good" by painting all the picture-ladies. But didn't their work require them to commit sin by looking at the pictures until they were finished? Maybe this was just a sacrifice they were willing to make on behalf of others. Today's teens might be dullards, but at least they're selfless.

[Daily Mail, Image via Daily Mail]