The vegan philosopher Morrissey tells us that "meat is murder," and for our vegetarian purposes he's correct. But murder is also murder, which is why you can't shoot your drug dealer even if he brazenly gives you hamburger instead of weed.

Timethy Delarrance Morrison recently discovered this simple fact of criminal law when he allegedly shot and robbed a drug dealer who gave him a bag of meat, instead of his requested bag of marijuana. Morrison, 22, reportedly met the dealer at a gas station and accepted a paper bag from him in exchange for $100. As the dealer drove off, Morrison looked inside the bag, saw the meat, and began shooting at the dealer's car. Police eventually caught up with Morrison and found some weed on him already. Now he faces charges of attempted murder, burglary, escape, possession of marijuana and providing a false name to a law enforcement officer, and is spending time in jail without bail.

It's rather unethical to deceive your customers, but Morrison should have just taken his complaint to the customer help desk. Meantime, what about the drug dealer? Last we checked, selling drugs was still illegal in Florida, yet it seems that person's not facing any charges. No wonder Morrison looks so dour in his mug shot.

[UPI, Image via Florida Arrests]