When the 200-student Bronx primary school Our Lady of Mount Carmel needed a new principal, its pastor, Rev. Eric Rapaglia, knew exactly who to hire: White supremacist author Frank Borzellieri.

Borzellieri, formerly the New York City school board's most conservative, and most racist, member, was "quietly promoted" two years ago to run the school, where most students are black and Latino. This might be cause for concern! If you're a moron. The fact is, "a lot of [Borzellieri's] ideas would actually benefit minorities," Rapaglia told The New York Daily News' Corinne Letsch. This is the truth, and not something that racists always say when people tell them they are racist.

Which ideas would "actually benefit minorities," you might ask? For example, the idea that "rising black and Hispanic populations in America will lead to the 'New Dark Age'" (from his book Don't Take It Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies)? Or maybe his contention that "diversity is a weakness"? That seems like an idea that will really help out young black and Latino kids!

Certainly, Rev. Rapaglia didn't "see any cause for concern" that Borzellieri is "intimately involved" with the white supremacist magazine American Renaissance. "I think much of [Borzellieri's work] is valuable and logical and reasonable," Rapaglia says. Logical and reasonable? Well, that settles that. And remember, racial essentialism could actually benefit minorities, as it always has, throughout history.

[NYDN; image via Wikipedia]