Casey Anthony, who legally did not kill her child but societally kinda did, has been offered $500,000 to pose nude for old rascal Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine.

Flynt says that he decided to throw the offer out after readers pleaded with him to get Tot Mom in the buff on the pages of his magazine. He told CNN:

"You've got men who say, 'Hey, I want to see her in her birthday suit.' There may be some sick individuals ... but that's what life is all about."

Is it? I mean, is it wrong to hope that's not what life is all about? Oh well.

Anyway, Casey Anthony's people, she has people now, say that any reports that she's talking with Hustler about doing this thing are "nonsense." The only way to get Casey Anthony to that photo shoot would be to chloroform her and drag her there. (Oof.) [NYDN; photo via Getty]