New York City is overrun by cats. The city's launching a program to sterilize strays, just to avoid having to build more shelters to hold the teeming masses of fur and teeth. What do we do with all these cats?

  • Trap em; shave em; Village Halloween Parade em.
  • Convert more cats to Christianity, so that they will remain abstinent.
  • Convert more cats to Mormonism, so that they will move to Utah.
  • Do lost cats always need to be "found?" Or should we let them pursue their dreams, of freedom?
  • Import dogs.
  • Tax breaks for cat hoarders.
  • Big huge boat full of cats in the Hudson River.
  • Life size sculpture of the Empire State Building made out of cats.
  • Cat cabs.
  • Kill them.

(Oh, that's terrible)

[Photo: Timothy Krause/Flickr]