While Happy Meals are getting ever-so-slightly healthier with the token addition of apple slices and milk, over in France, McDonald's restaurants are operating on another culinary plane entirely.

Feast your eyes on the McBaguette, the newest addition to the menu, which comes served with apricot, raspberry, and orange marmalade preserves — fashioned "artisanally by a producer in the Pyrenees" — as well as with a pretty coquette who giggles seductively as she pats the crumb remnants from the corners of your mouth with a napkin. If the new menu item is a hit overseas, look for American franchises to adopt their own version, which will serve the miniature loaves of crusty bread between two syrup-soaked McPancabiscuits™, along with a quarter-pound sausage patty and eight generous slices of American cheese. [Eater]