It hasn't been even 24 hours since we published our most recent plea to the media to please, pretty please, stop writing trend stories about Brooklyn. And already, spittle-flecked tabloid sex lunatic Andrea Peyser is defying us. That's mean.

Andrea—who lives in Brooklyn, FYI, in case you were weighing whether to move there—today delves into the brand new and unexplored topic: Brooklyn or Manhattan, which is better in the most stereotypical sense? She marshals the following evidence for the debate:

1. One of Andrea's friends says "you've somehow failed" if you live in Brooklyn.
2. Somebody put up signs in Brooklyn last week making fun of Brooklyn.
3. Another one of Andrea's friends thinks "Manhattan is the center of the world."
4. Yet another friend of Andrea Peyser says "Brooklyn guys want to cuddle and get breakfast," in a way which implies that these guys are pussies.
5. Also this friend thinks Brooklyn guys are ugly. If you are sleeping with Andrea Peyser's friend, sorry for you!
6. "The exodus of the glittery set...has prompted the Manhattan-centric Web site,, to, once and for all, declare Brooklyn over." I missed that!

But that's all a moot point because, hello, Andrea Peyser lives in Brooklyn. So fuck all of you, especially Andrea Peyser's friends. Let us never speak of this again, Andrea.