Sometimes you just have to trust that your government is willing to fight the good fight when comes to handling international crises. Take France and its production of foie gras — the not very humanely produced bird liver pate. The French take that shit pretty seriously. So when organizers of Germany's Anuga food fair banned French foie gras this year under pressure from animal rights groups, France's melodramatic external trade minister Pierre Lellouche shot back, saying the ban would have "global repercussions."

Oh for fuck's sake, you might be saying to yourself right now. What does this guy mean by "global repercussions"? Well, we're not sure yet. But according to the Telegraph a French senator, Alain Fauconnier suggested that meat and poultry producers boycott the Anuga fair, and may have hinted at future spat by sayng, "It's unbelievable. It's like banning German sausages in France." Ooooooh. Forget the fact that the euro is going down in flames, this is foie gras and German sausage we're talking about here.


[Telegraph; image via Flickr/ulterior epicure]