Here's the latest promo for Anderson Cooper's upcoming talk show, called simply, Anderson, and produced by Nosredna Studios. (Get it? Like Harpo? Because he's the next Oprah? Never mind.) Anyway, I think this promo is supposed to show you what a fun, dynamic, regular guy Anderson is — zipping around Manhattan on his mountain bike, occasionally stopping for a pickup game of basketball or chess in Tompkins Square Park, then off to Harlem to help some orphans and nuns paint a mural, then back to Chelsea for his TRX suspension training class, then cleaned up in a tuxedo at the Met for opening night of an all-male production of Madame Butterfly that just took Denmark by storm. Which I can totally get behind! I'd love to do all those things, too. But I'll probably just wind up sitting here on the couch with a pint of Greek yogurt watching Anderson instead. May I ask something, however? Where is Anderson's helmet? And why does he get his hair cut by Uzbek barbers in the East Village? In short, why doesn't Anderson care more about his head? A lot is riding on that precious silver noggin! Protect the head! Pamper the head! Cherish the head! [via HuffPo]