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Here's the trailer for The Ides of March, a political thriller loosely based on the play Farragut North (which was loosely based on Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign) that features George Clooney pulling triple duty as director, writer and star.

Clooney plays an impossibly good looking Democratic governor running for president—who's leading the polls thanks in part to his wunderkind press secretary, played by an even more impossibly good looking Ryan Gosling. But in the days leading up to the primary, the campaign manager (Paul Giamatti) of a rival candidate tries to lure Gosling to the dark side and even offers up a hot young intern (Evan Rachel Wood) as bait. Philip Seymour Hoffman is there, but not as sex bait. And Marisa Tomei is also in it, looking concerned in glasses. But maybe she should look concerned, because things seemingly become very... thrilling.

Ides will open the Venice Film Festival at the end of August, hit US theaters in October, and maybe even pick up a few of those Oscar thingamajigs come February.