The premiere of rave documentary Electric Daisy Carnival Experience at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater has reportedly been cancelled after a larger-than-expected crowd showed up to see DJ Kaskade and ended up shutting down part of Hollywood Blvd.

When will Los Angeles be free of its raver menace? Thousands of them showed up outside Grauman's on Wednesday evening after DJ Kaskade announced on Twitter he'd be "spinning," or whatever the kids call it; the cops decided to close off part of Hollywood Blvd. and order the crowd to disperse, and then L.A. did what L.A. does best:

Police ordered the crowd to disperse, but many refused to leave, and began fighting and throwing bottles.

Some people jumped on police cars, and officers responded by shooting them with bean bags.

The crowd also set fire to an LAPD cruiser on Orange Avenue.

According to NBC LA producer Tara Wallis, LAPD is now on "tactical alert," which is LAPD lingo for police cruisers and cops in riot gear hanging out trying to figure out how they can beat kids without getting filmed doing it. The premiere, obviously, was cancelled. (SPOILER ALERT: The Electric Daisy Carnival "experience" is "doing ecstasy and wearing as few clothes as possible.")

[KTLA, images via Nick Walsh and Raymond Roker]