[There was a video here]

Here's a trailer for Battleship, a movie based on the classic board game, but really in name only. This thing, directed by Peter Berg of all people, actually seems based on something more recent.

I mean, this looks like Transformers in the water kind of, right? There's even that Transformers noise! Plus slo-mo shit and a cocky young rogue and a pretty tit-haver. This time the tit-haver is fearsome actress Brooklyn Decker, and the cocky rogue is, oohhh la la, Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins aka mah baby boo. (After Matt Saracen, of course.) It's kind of sad that Kitsch is in this, well, kitsch, but whatever gets him shirtless on a beach is, I guess, a noble cause.

Anyway, Liam Neeson (I just wrote "Niam Leeson" hah and oops) is there, acting Neesonly, and Alexander Skarsgard aka Swedevamp aka your boo is apparently in it too. Oh and so is Rihanna! Yeah, I think that's her manning the gun rowboat in that one part of the trailer? You see who I'm talking about? I'm not sure. So, uh, yeah. Is this about aliens? It looks like it might be about aliens. Robot aliens. Called Transformers. It looks like it's about that.