Scotland Yard says it's arrested the leader/unofficial spokesman of the notorious hacking group LulzSec, a hacker who went by the handle Topiary. The noose is about as tight as it can get around LulzSec now.

From the Metropolitan Police press release:

The man arrested is believed to be linked to an ongoing international investigation in to the criminal activity of the so-called "hacktivist" groups Anonymous and LulzSec, and uses the online nickname "Topiary" which is presented as the spokesperson for the groups.

He was arrested at a residential address in the Shetland Islands and is currently being transported to a police station in central London. A search is ongoing at the address.

Topiary first burst onto the scene with a showy on-air hack of the Westboro Baptist Church, and is believed to have run LulzSec's voluble Twitter account for most of its 50-day run. Just last month, Topiary boasted to us that he'd never felt safer.

"No LulzSec arrests have been made," he said at the time. "Our Twitter hasn't even been suspended." The second part is still true, though the official LulzSec account has yet to weigh in on the purported arrest of what is one of their core members.

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