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Here's a trailer for the financial thriller (such a thing exists in these economic crater times) Margin Call, a fictionalized look at the real story of the hours before the financial world near collapsed in 2008. Sounds exciting?

I mean, it certainly looks interesting, but we kind of already know how it ends, right? It ends in ruin and rot. It ends in a pit we've still yet to climb out of. So while it's certainly a story worth telling, the watching of it might be mostly depressing.

When I first read about this movie being made with its snazzy cast featuring two youngsters — Zachary Quinto and Penn Badgley — I did a little eye-roll, thinking it'd be another sort of Boiler Room, a movie for male actors to feel cool and macho while still being actors. You know those movies? Movies like Boiler Room and, well, most action movies. Like "Yeah I majored in theater and hung out with a lot of girls and gays but I'M A DUDE, I swear, look, see, I'm talkin' fast about finance and guns and drugs and shit. See?? See, Stella Adler? I'm a MAN." That sad embarrassing shit. But this looks, at least in this little reel, to be a little smarter than that. So that is good. That is good for everyone involved because those kinds of movies are humiliating.

Speaking of humiliating: Demi Moore! That's fun. Other than her, it's a bunch of white dudes. White dudes who done ruined our lives. Yay for them!