In London today, Amy Winehouse's family is holding her funeral. Here an America, Amy Winehouse is being decried by flacks.

Today's moral arbiter: incompetent superflack Ronn [sic] Torossian, the sock-puppeting, Obama-hating, staff-threatening head of 5WPR, America's least literate PR firm. Ronn likes to write about things, on the internet! His latest column-like-contraption's headline: "More People Mourn 1 Dope Head Than 94 Innocent People."

Oh?? Tell us more, Ronn.

I woke up Sunday morning to see that more people on Facebook had mourned the death of one dope head than the 94 innocent people who were slaughtered in Norway. It's a sad commentary, yet it is our reality today where media and the masses are overly obsessed by celebrity.

Ronn [sic] Torossian hates all forms of celebrity.

"Blah blah blah, several barely coherent paragraphs glued together with saliva," Ronn continues, until he reaches the moving conclusion:

Generally speaking pop culture, and media in general are not "family-friendly" venues, and seeing how many more people will mourn a young drug addict who destroyed her life instead of the 94 innocents killed in Oslo will constantly remind this parent and marketer to have my children's' values created by our family – and not by television, Hollywood or marketers.

As a marketer, the last thing Ronn Torossian wants is to see his children raised by marketers. Sounds about right.

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