Do you recognize this guy? If so, you should give the Utah County Sheriff's Office a call at a 801-851-4202. They've had him in jail for a month now and he won't tell anyone who he is.

So, is this the start of the coolest spy/horror/conspiracy thriller of all time, or what? The John Doe pictured above was picked up for trespassing and (heh) "failure to give information" when police found him wandering around a parking garage, looking into cars. They tossed him in a cell on July 1, and since then, despite ample opportunity, he won't tell anyone his identity—and has therefore spent the last 25 days in jail.

They've checked his fingerprints, given him a medical exam, and sent him to a shrink, none of which turned up any clues. They tried giving him a calling card to see if he would make any phone calls; he told them, "If I use it, you guys will know right who I am." Lt. Dennis Harris tells the Deseret News that "he's just cool as can be. He just absolutely does not want us to know who he is."

So: Do you know him? (Is he a spy? Or, like, an angel or something? Or a ghost?) He's 6'2", about 175 pounds, and thought to be in his late 60s or early 70s. According to the News, he "told police he will want to get out some time—he just didn't say when that time will be." Ahh!

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