We know that the unprofitable US Postal Service is considering ending Saturday mail delivery, and possibly cutting back to three days per week within the next 15 years. But you won't have to wait that long for your post office to be closed.

Not if you live in some tiny-ass town, that is! Due to the fact that Obama doesn't care about anyone other than urban coastal elites, he is sending jackbooted gubmint thugs out to shut down the post office in your All-American Small Town Main Street USA! The WSJ says that the USPS will release a plan tomorrow that recommends more than 3,600 post offices be closed—11% of all of our nation's post offices. Tax and spend liberalism is coming for your Ladies Home Journal subscription! And where does Obama want to make real Americans trudge for their mail?

"If you're a community and there is a local convenience store, for example, we might be reaching out to these organizations to see if they would be interested in providing limited postal service for the community that might be affected," Ms. Brennan said.

To the Lil' Champ. Obama wants your grandma to hitchhike down to the Lil' Champ, in the dead of winter, to pick up her mail-order prescriptions. I guess those Death Panels weren't imaginary after all.

[WSJ; photo via AP]