Remember when Bill Keller was the strong, silent type? The respected, technocratic editor of America's best newspaper? It seems like such a short time ago. It was!

But then he went and had the bad idea of writing a column in his own newspaper's Sunday magazine, and it started off extremely poorly, and then it somehow got even worse, and, oh my god, remember this one? Haha. And then he somehow still had this one in him. Jesus. What a bizarre and ill-conceived interlude in that guy's career.

Well, it's over now. John Koblin reports that Keller is quitting the magazine column in September, after six sad and unnecessary months of existence. Let us not be too harsh; this example of a prominent and successful man failing at the peak of his career is heartening to those of us who tend to fail at much lower stations.

Bill Keller will now begin writing a column in the actual newspaper. We expect it will be bad.

[WWD. Photo: Getty]