At this weekend's Antiques Roadshow stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man walked in with a set of five Chinese cups carved from rhinoceros horns that he's had since the 70s. An appraiser for the show, Lark Mason told local news station KTUL, "As each one came out of the box my jaw started to drop a little more and that of at my colleagues eyes and their jaws dropped as well."

Mason put the late 17th century cup set's value at between $1-1.5 million, which obviously excited the man. "I was hoping he wasn't going to collapse but he said that he was glad that he didn't need his inhaler," Mason said. A producer for the show said the cup set holds the record for most expensive item ever appraised on the show. The episode will air sometime next year. Full disclosure: I find this story interesting mostly because it's my favorite show on television. Don't hate.

[Unrelated Antiques Roadshow excitement via WGBH]