New Spider-Man villain Rhys Ifans thinks America sucks. Mariah Carey partied in a nightclub bathroom, while Brooke Mueller prepares to hallucinate in Mexico. Meanwhile, David Hasselhoff had a Las Vegas meltdown. Sunday Gossip is in deep trouble.

  • Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, who plays "The Lizard" in The Amazing Spider-Man, was "cited and released" after being put under citizen's arrest (those really happen?) by a security guard at Comic-Con whom he had shoved. According to The Wrap, Ifans "smelled of alcohol" and became belligerent after a member of his entourage was refused entry to a panel Ifans was speaking at. A San Diego police lieutenant said, "according to [Ifans], the U.S. sucks and he doesn't want to come back." Ifans "deeply regrets the incident," said a Sony rep. [The Wrap]
  • Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller checked into a drug rehab facility in Mexico where she'll undergo treatment for addiction using Ibogaine — "a strong, long-lasting psychedelic used traditionally in a coming of age ritual but also known for its modern use in treating opiate addiction." That sounds better than anything Promises offers, at least. [NYDN]
  • Mariah Carey was spotted partying at Juliet Supperclub in Chelsea and then she took the fun into the bathroom, which can only mean one thing: "[S]he asked if she could have 'a minute' of quiet time in the bathroom. The ladies' was cleared out, and Mariah ordered a $450 bottle of Perrier Jouet, and had a few glasses in the privacy of the bathroom before coming back out to join the masses." [P6]
  • Renting the tiger from The Hangover for parties is a "thing" now in Hollywood. Or at least TMZ says so. [TMZ]
  • Irritable, hamburger-loving actor David Hasselhoff was apparently involved in a heated fight with his girlfriend at the Wynn Las Vegas yesterday, the Hoff's 59th birthday. Someone told TMZ that his girlfriend called security. Pics of Hoff wallowing on the floor or it didn't happen. [TMZ]
  • Dave Chappelle repeatedly checked his text messages while doing a stand-up show in Miami on Friday and apparently pissed off many in the crowd, who began to heckle him, because Chappelle didn't tell enough jokes. Then he started "staring at the crowd and sighing." Good for him. [E]

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