Every year at Comic-Con, San Diego's massive nerd fest which is happening all weekend, we see all sorts of photos and footage of the geeks and fanatics dressed in their overly ornate costumes for the occasion. Well, if that's what you really want to see, who are we to keep it from you?

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[Image via Getty]

Drew Barrymore didn't want anyone to know it was her. [Image via Getty]

The Masterson brothers of Iowa were glad they finally found versions of their old Underoos in adult sizes. [Image via Getty]

Come on, Waldo. You're not even trying anymore. [Image via Getty]

While incredibly popular, Strip of Bacon Man was a little ambivalent about his participation. [Image via Getty]

Ramona Singer hears that there is no pinot grigio at Comic-Con. [Image via Getty]

"Who are you calling a fairy?" [Image via Getty]

You don't wanna know what they're going to do in these suits later. [Image via Getty]

Destiny and Ephemeral thought they could meet some easy and eager clients at the gathering. [Image via Getty]

We're gonna need a... floatier boat? [Image via Getty]

This is what the portrait in Chris Evan's attack looks like. [Image via Getty]

Demons don't smize. Amateur. [Image via Getty]

In this alternative time line, William and Kate's nuptials were entirely different. [Image via Getty]

This guy is tanked. [Image via Getty]

This is Marvel's newest superhero duo: Speak Softly and Big Stick. [Image via Getty]

Yes, we know you're watching the Watchmen. [Image via Getty]

This is the biggest day of the year for San Luis Obispo's Chastity Club. [Image via Getty]

Yes, Robert Pattinson, your silly haircut has landed you in a gallery with the rest of the freaks. Get comfortable. [Image via Getty]