[There was a video here]

The Washington Interest Group Wars produced a scuffle all the way out in Oregon last weekend, where a group of 18 liberal activists, organized by MoveOn, were meeting in a public park. Some brave Real Americans with the local chapter of Americans for Prosperity — the Koch brothers-funded Tea Party group — got wind of this meeting, heckled these "communists" away, and followed them to their new, private meeting place.

You can watch AFP's video of the confrontation above. Mostly it's a bunch of people who'd get along fine, were it not for their political differences, muttering "freedom" for a couple of minutes. Gadsen flags wave in full flight, while Tea Partiers celebrate their liberation of this lush, local grove.

And according to the local News Review, once the liberals were annoyed enough to move their meeting, the freedom fighters were ready to pursue:

The liberal group - organized by MoveOn.org - decided to leave the park and move its potluck to a nearby home. Members of the conservative group followed, parking at the entrance of a private lane leading to the home to continue their protest.

Roseburg Democrats Dean and Sara Byers said Monday they told tea party members who followed that they were not welcome to drive down the lane to their home.

The Byerses said they got out of their car to stop vehicles from entering the driveway and one tea party member almost ran them over. [...]

"They are liars," said [Rich] Raynor, director of Douglas County Americans for Prosperity. "That is what communists do."

We are, without question, the most comically dumb country in the world.

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